About Charts Ltd.

Charts Ltd. was established in 1979 as a natural gas integration company located in Midland Tepressure recordersxas. From humble beginnings we have evolved into one of the largest fully diversified gas measurement companies in the United States, providing products and services to the energy industry in every corner of the world. We maintain an on site inventory of approximately $1,000,000 worth of equipment to insure our customers' orders are fulfilled with prompt, courteous service. Charts, Ltd carries our own line of new gas meter bellows that are the finest available. Our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, yet we are able to sell our bellows to our customers substantially below the cost of our competitors' equipment, with the best full warranty in the industry. With a staff of over 30 full time employees and a combined 300 years of gas measurement experience, we are uniquely qualified and eager to meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base of some 800+ companies. Charts, Ltd is a fully integrated gas measurement company that offers a comprehensive line of over the counter products as well as field services. We manufacture meters, and sell and service most brands of gas measurement meters. Meter tubes can be adapted according to your specifications. We also carry a large inventory of recording charts, pens, orifice plates, seal rings and meter parts. For more information visit our Equipment & Parts page. The integration of charts, calculation of volumes, and auditing of gas purchasers is where we began and remains the foundation of our business today. In addition to Chart Integration & Auditing, we offer Electronic Gas Measurement, Gas Analysis/Sampling, Gas Meter Repair/Service, Bellows Repair/Service, Meter Inspection & Calibration, and Professional Witnessing. In addition, we also carry Recorder Pens and Circular Chart Paper, Calculators, specifically for pumpers and other field technicians, and a full line of repair parts and accessories for flow meters. With a full line of Gas Measurement Services and Gas Measurement Equipment, Charts-Ltd will exceed your expectations.