Gas Measurement Meters  
We manufacture new Barton style dry flow meters. We are also equipped to completely rebuild used meters provided by the customer or from our stock of used meters. All meters can be adapted to meet your specifications and come with a full warranty.
Gas Measurement Bellows
Charts, Ltd. carries our own line of new gas meter bellows that are without question the finest in the industry and not available anywhere else.

With thousands of units in the field, we have experienced near flawless dependability, yet still back the product with a full warranty.
We also offer rebuilt bellows and back them with the same warranty we provide on new units. Our bellows can be built to integrate with most brands of gas measurement meters, and meter tubes can be adapted according to your specifications.
Gas Meter Runs  

Charts, Ltd. is a supplier of custom meter runs of all sizes built to your specifications. We are generally able to deliver the order to your locations within days of receipt.

Gas Meter Orifice Plates
We carry on site a considerable inventory of all sizes of universal and paddle type orifice plates.
Gas Meter Parts
We also inventory a large supply of meter parts for most brands of gas meters. Parts are available for purchase in bulk or as individual items.
Pressure and Temperature Recorders pressure recorders

We manufacture 8” & 12” Recorders. They are certified within .5% accuracy.

We have ranges up to 30,000PSI. We also carry a various selection of chart drives to meet your specifications. Our Thermal System consist of a standard Barton style thermal system 0-150 deg. F 10 ft. 316 SS armored 11/16 316 SS mercury filled bulb.  These are available in different temps and lengths to meet your needs as well.
Chart Recorder Parts